About This Blog


What’s the biggest, most audacious goal you have in your life?

What steps do you have to take to reach that big, ridiculous goal?


Why is the second question so much more difficult to answer?


Back in 2009, I resolved that I would earn $1 million during the 2010 calendar year.


I failed.  Spectacularly.


A year later (and nearly $1 million poorer than I expected to be) I set out to analyze why I failed so badly.  I decided to learn how people who achieve big, ridiculous goals manage their day-to-day tasks, and the mindsets they cultivate to accomplish so much.

But I didn’t just want to learn, I wanted to create a system for taking action towards achieving big, ridiculous goals.


My test goal was to lose 15 lbs in 6 months.  I started by creating concrete systems that tracked my progress and I focused on determining what worked for me.

I dropped the 15 lbs in only 3 months.  So I resolved to continue experimenting for the remainder of the 6 month period.

I lost 30 lbs overall.


The lessons and methodologies I discovered inspired me to return to working on other big, ridiculous goals in my life.  In fact, I decided to revisit a dream I’ve had since I was 5 years old:

To write and direct a movie.

The Big Audacious is my test kitchen.  Twice a week, I’ll update this blog with posts about goal setting, achievement, motivation, and focus.  I’ll also keep you filled in about the progress of my projects, and any lessons I learn along the way.

Any suggestions, thoughts, or advice?

Send them my way.

Make sure to tell me your big audacious goal.

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